Sarah Schafer Email

Sarah Schafer Email

Sarah Schafer

Sarah is a native of Utah and enjoys working with the kids. She says she learns far more from youngsters than she can teach. Sarah has been coaching the Hser Ner Moo girls team for the past 3 seasons and is excited to help members of team increase their soccer and social skills.

ben daniel

Ben Daniel Email

Ben Daniel

Ben, a native of Sudan loves the energy the kids give him and chance to see them develop is why he’s involved with Break-Thru.  Ben is a licensed soccer coach with experience coaching at the competitive level.  He enjoys working out and has coached the Hser Ner Moo teams age 8-10 for the past 2 seasons.


Lorena Wever

Lorena is a native of Panama and coordinates the Girl Scout Division of Break-Thru Soccer. Her energy and passion for helping Hispanic girls is the reason why we have 8 girls scout teams located in West Valley, West Jordan, Provo, and Ogden.


Gilberto Reynoso

Gilberto comes from Guanajuato Mexico and has been working developing youth for years. He saw a need to offer kids a chance to be part of a team and to work on goals that will help them keep progressing.  Gilberto is a lifelong soccer player with over 20 years of coaching experience.


Omar Osmani

Omar is a native of Somalia and has a coached at a very high level for a number of years. He gets energized by helping youngsters set and accomplish their goals. He lived in Germany for seven years and speaks German fluently.  With two daughters of his own he is a big fan of Manchester United.  He coaches two boys teams at Sunnyvale.


Jeilani Athman

Jeilani is not only a great coach but the proud dad of a new baby girl named Israa . Jeilani also serves as a Sunnyvale Project Coordinator.   Jeilani lived in Malaysia as a student for one year is a big fan of Chelsea.  He coaches and coordinates one 12-14 year old boys at Sunnyvale as well as coordinated the soccer program there.



Payam Soleimani

Payam is originally from Iran who helps refugees find meaningful employment with Utah companies working with Asian Association of Utah.   He is devoted to the coaching the girls team at Sunnyvale and enjoys watching the girls make friends outside their usual comfort zone.  Payam played professionally in Iran for several different club teams.


Ismail Ibrahim

Ismail Ibrahim


Mackenzie Mitchell

Mackenzie has coached girl teams at Hser Ner Moo for two years.  She has been involved with soccer her entire life and although she is surprised she is coaching, Mackenzie has long wanted to play a positive role model for refugee girls.  She is committed to help each of her players grow through setting goals and working each day to accomplish them.


Ismael Mohamed

Ismael is the President of the Somali Bajuni community in Utah.  He played professionally in Somalia and coaches with Break-Thru.  He cares about each player beyond what they are learning on the pitch and wants each to set goals and improve themselves everyday.

Sunnyvale Center Teams: 3960 So 500 W.

Site Coordinator:

Jeilani Athman


Elsa Gonzalez


 Viviana Dominguez

Hartland/Glendale Teams: 1400 So. 1300 W.

Site Coordinator:

Juan Lopez

Midvale Teams: 8000 So. 300 W. (Copperview Recreation Center)

Site Coordinator:

Santiago Ventura


Santiago Ventura

Salt Lake Teams 1090 Indiana Ave.

Site Coordinator:

Jeremy Johnston 801-664-1392

Heber Valley Teams: 345 W. 600 So.

Site Coordinator:

Holly Broadhead 435-503-0581

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