Ticket Transfer

Arsenal fans

Ticket Transfer gives Gold and Platinum Members the ability to electronically transfer their ticket to networked friends & family for a game they cannot attend.

How does Ticket Transfer work?

  • Add your friend or family member to your 'Network'. Click here for instructions on how to manage your 'Network'.
  • Once someone is in your Network, it's easy to send your ticket whenever you like, the recipient dosen't need to be a Member. 
  • Once you have transferred your ticket to a fan via their online account and the recipient has accepted the transfer, the recipient will be sent an electronic ticket which can either be printed or scanned on their mobile device in order to gain access to the stadium. Your Membership card will then be deactivated for the fixture.

Benefits of Transferring a Ticket using the Ticket Transfer Service: 

  • Transfer your ticket directly to friends & family and save yourself the trouble of having to hand over your membership card 
  • Always feel comfortable in knowing who is sitting in your seat on a Matchday 
  • Always make sure your seat is filled so the crowd stays loud and proud 

Through transferring a ticket using Ticket Transfer, you will:

  • Earn 50 My Arsenal Rewards points. (The ticket must be used by the recipient for points to be allocated to you)
  • Earn an attendance stamp which will count towards you earning your Attendance Trophy - meaning you could gain priority access to cup final tickets.

Click here if you would like to transfer your ticket for one of our available upcoming fixtures.

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